Teachers in Training Programme

About the programme

This programme is ideal for persons wishing to gain relevant experience as a trainee teacher in South Africa.  The programme is open to any individuals currently studying towards a qualification as a teacher in their own country. This will prove to be a great opportunity to work alongside a local qualified teacher in a well-structured environment to gain the necessary practical work as required in order to complete your studies.

Important to note is that you need to enquire with your local education institution if practical work done outside of the country is allowed and recognised.

What can teachers in training expect?

A well structured, professional placement service arranged by Ama Africa as the South African host organisation.  The programme includes matching you with a suitable local school, pre-arranged accommodation as well as pre-arrival orientation material provided.  We also take care of your arrival arrangements which include:

  • An airport meet & greet,
  • Transfer to the city
  • Orientation programme in the city
  • Accommodation & breakfast during orientation
  • Single room host family accommodation for the full duration of your placement
  • School assessments as per foreign education institution requirements
  • In-country support services from Ama Africa Experiences for the full duration of the programme

 What are the benefits of the programme?

  • Safe, well structured and organised programme
  • Opportunity to gain practical experience in your field of study in a foreign country
  • Pre-arrival school matching and placement
  • Detailed pre-arrival material which is focused on the individual and the teaching project
  • In-country airport meet and greet
  • Comprehensive arrival orientation
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week in-country support
  • Life-changing opportunity to impart skills and experience in a practical well structured way
  • Learning and experiencing new cultures in South Africa in a authentic way
  • Intermediate feedback and progress meeting with representative of host organisation
  • Scheduled optional extramural activities over weekend(s)
  • Certificate of participation after successful completion of programme
  • Travelling opportunities

What other information is useful?

Schools are hand-picked and need to comply to specific requirements in order to qualify for this programme.  The programme is offered to encourage inter-cultural learning and to afford foreign nationals the opportunity to do part of their practical training in South Africa.

What can the professional expect in terms of accommodation and food?

Ama Africa Experiences will take care of all accommodation and meal arrangements for the full duration of your school placement. There are varies options available and these include living with a local host family or staying in pre-arranged and inspected lodge accommodation.