Social & Wildlife Experience Combo

About the programme

This is a great opportunity to experience  two very different exciting volunteer experiences with out Combo Volunteering package which combines a social volunteering programme in Cape Town followed by a wildlife placement on a Game reserve near Johannesburg.  It is an all inclusive volunteering package including transfer costs from Cape Town to Johannesburg where the programme starts.

 What can volunteers expect?

Volunteers are collected at Cape Town International airport and transfered to Cape Town City for a 3 day orientation.  After completing orientation in the city, they are transferred to their host family where they will start the first leg of their programme placement.  After completing the social volunteering part of the programme, volunteers fly to Johannesburg where they receive an airport pick-up followed by a local orientation and start with their wildlife volunteer placement.

 Volunteers help out with the following activities at the SOCIAL project:

  • Assisting at a local community based organisation working with children
  • Volunteers can select a placement at a local crèche or school in a disadvantaged community
  • Helping with home work tasks and projects
  • Helping with hygiene and health education amongst the children
  • Personal interaction with children and assisting with lessons, sing-along’s and educational activities
  • Playing games and offering fun programmes
  • Assisting with arranging a  special programme or fieldtrip when possible

Volunteers help out with the following activities at the WILDLIFE project:

  • Help with the maintenance of enclosures and upkeep of facilities including fencing checks and fixing
  • Participate in various aspects involved with the running of the farm
  • Assisting with educational activities at the project
  • Fence maintenance
  • Enclosure building

What characteristic traits are we looking for in a volunteer?

Volunteers who would like to experience involvement in a social project with roughing it up in the wild would find this opportunity very appealing.  It would be important for volunteers to enjoy working with children, since 99% of the work is with young ones and to love the outdoors. Volunteers need to be caring, hardworking, a team player and someone who is tolerant and open to experience two different worlds. Flexibility and an eagerness to assist where help is needed is very important  in order for volunteers to enjoy their experience to the fullest.

What can the volunteer expect in terms of accommodation and food?

Social:  Depending on the project, volunteers are accommodated either with a local host family or in pre-inspected and selected lodge accommodation. Meals or groceries are provided for the full placement period.

Wildlife:  All volunteers live on site at the project in volunteer accommodation. Accommodation can either be in chalets or tented accommodation with hot running water and flushing toilets available. Food is supplied by the project and usually assist with preparation of meals and kitchen cleaning duties on a rotation basis.