Participant Feedback

“I had a really beautiful time in South Africa and in my project. It was one of the best experiences in my life and this time will be always in my heart.” 

-Jacqueline Randazzo, CARE Social & Wildlife Volunteer, Germany

Thank you for making my time in South Africa so special! I definitely will recommend Ama Africa to my friends and people who ask me about it. The whole time I felt safe and I thank you for your friendliness, help in all situations and your engagement. I will really miss South Africa and will definitely come back.” 

-Bente Dracke, CARE Social & Wildlife Volunteer, Germany

“I have to say that the time I spent in South Africa is one of the best times in my life. It was an amazing experience to live here.” 

-Anna Freundenberg, CARE Social & Wildlife Volunteer, Germany

“I will never ever forget my experiences here in South Africa and I would really love to do it again.” 

-Laureen Pahl, CARE Social & Wildlife Volunteer, Germany

“A great host family and volunteering at a primary school in South Africa. I appreciated every day since my arrival. The landscape in South Africa is so impressive and the people are so friendly” 

-Nina Sparovek, CARE Social & Wildlife Volunteer, Germany

“South Africa is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. South Africa is very rich! Rich with nature, rich with animals and especially rich with wonderful people.  I found a second home on the other side of the world and I will always remember South Africa’s kindness”

-Zoe Stadler, CARE Social Volunteer, Switzerland

“I had the best time I could have imagined, project, host family and the people I met here were amazing.” 

-Franziske Völlner, CARE Volunteer, Germany

“I learned a lot and being here made me grow a lot, I love South Africa and I will come back one day.” 

-Myrjam Suter, CARE Volunteer, Switzerland

“I learned a lot about myself and had a very good experience in South Africa. I’m sure this time influenced me and my future a lot.” 

-Lea Debusmann, CARE Volunteer, Germany

“I enjoyed every moment, it was one of the the best times of my life.” 

-Selina Meier, CARE Volunteer, Switzerland

“South Africa is breathtaking! You can find a little bit of everything from amazing landscapes to wild animals and the kids at my project are incredible. They will always put a smile on your face. It’s a shame I cant take them home with me.” 

-Diana Rizo, CARE Volunteer, Mexico

“It’s great here! Ama Africa Experiences took care of all the arrangements for my volunteer experience in South Africa. I am experiencing local living, learning so much and able to help by teaching at a local school. And this is what you could do too!”

-Charlotte Wolff, CARE Volunteer, Germany

“Now I am in South Africa and can´t wait to come back again. This country, and especially the real living in this country impressed me so much and I will always come back! I also thought about studying here and it would be great if it works.
All in all I can just say I am so thankful for all this! It was a great experience which will influence my future life. It breaks my heart to go away and not knowing when I will be able to come back..”

-Mona Zayed, SHARE Intern, Germany

“So all in all I can say that the 4 weeks in South Africa was mint to me, because I didn’t only learn something about the culture and the people, I also developed myself into a person, who is more open to new things and new experiences.
Thank you Ama Africa for this special time!..”

-Anika Lower, SHARE Intern, Germany

“My project with Ama Africa Experiences was very interesting, my host parents were lovely. I learned and experienced so much….just a great adventure!

-Dominic Ratter, CARE Volunteer, Germany

“Thanks a lot for your effort Ama Africa! I love South Africa and its people and I wish to come back one day!”

-Lucas Tietz, SHARE Intern, Germany

“Lovely! Just Awesome! Love South Africa and am so happy that I have done this!”

-Fenn Hampe, CARE Volunteer, Germany

“I learned a lot! Ama Africa Experiences was all the time very supportive and came out whenever I needed anything. I hope I could give the children a little bit with the drama lessons and the painting. I had the feeling that I could do something good here in South Africa as it is such a beautiful Country but the contrast between rich and poor made me sad sometimes.”

-Jeanette Lienert, CARE Volunteer, Germany

“Ama Africa is a very great Organisation because they helped me. It was like a little family and South Africa is an amazing Country, I travelled a lot, the landscape is wonderful and I really fell in love with South Africa and wish to come back one day!!”

-Insa Kühling-Thees, CARE Volunteer, Germany

“I could always contact Ama Africa Experiences if I had a problem. I volunteered at School in the Library and the experience was good and I was happy, my host family was really nice!”

-Maike Michalski, CARE Volunteer, Germany

“I am very happy with Ama Africa Experiences and am so glad that I did the combo package of Social and Wildlife. I love the South African culture and the diversity here, the landscapes in South Africa are extremely beautiful. Very good food all in all absolutely great!”

-Julian Fischer, CARE Social & Wildlife Volunteer, Germany

“I am counting down my days to return and was very sad to leave. I had an awesome time and will come back one day. This Country is beautiful and has a lot of opportunities, nice people and an overall very interesting experience, completely different to Germany.”

-Franziska Kauth, CARE Volunteer, Germany

“This Country is so awesome and there is so much to see and to know. It is really fun to visit all the nice places with other volunteers. I learned so much about South Africa and could experience so much more than just a tourist!”

-Sophie Reemtsma, CARE social & Wildlife Volunteer Germany

“This is a very very beautiful Country and there are great possibilities for tours and sightseeing and Ama Africa Experiences offers great assistance with planning interesting experiences of culture and I learned a lot about the history of this Country. It is so multi-faceted , so challenging yet so rewarding!”

-Anne Hoffmann, CARE Volunteer, Germany