Internship Programme

About the programme

This programme is ideal for young people with little experience who would like to experience a “slice” of life  in a developing community in South Africa.  The programme is open to any scholar or young person who is interested in a relevant sector to increase their knowledge and  skill set, which are then matched with the direct needs / demands at a local community level.

What can Interns expect?

A well structured, professional service arranged by the South African host organisation. Pre-arrival orientation material is provided to the individual or group which includes an overview of the project, an assessment of the organisation’s needs as well as the intervention or assistance needed from the intern.  The host organisation matches the desire of the individual with the specific need at local level and formulates a basic internship plan.

What are the benefits of the programme?

  • Safe and well organised programme
  • Detailed pre-arrival material which is focused on the individual and the project
  • In-country airport meet and greet
  • Comprehensive arrival orientation
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week in-country support
  • Life-changing opportunity to learn skills and gain experience in a practical well structured way
  • Learning and experiencing new cultures in South Africa in an authentic way
  • Intermediate feedback and progress meeting with representative of host organisation
  • Safe and fun experience
  • Certificate of participation after successful completion of programme

What other information is useful?

This programme can be tailor-made for individuals or groups.  Projects are hand-picked and need to comply to specific requirements in order to qualify for this programme.  The programme is offered as part of responsible, sustainable socio-economic development at a local level with the key focus on providing support services to not-for-profit organizations that are actively involved at grassroots level.  As part of the host organisation commitment to sustainable community development we have also created a platform for participants in this programme to stay with the local project long after they have returned home.

What can the Intern expect in terms of accommodation and food?

Ama Africa Experiences will take care of all accommodation and meals. There are varies options available and these include living with a local host family. Depending on the accommodation types, meals are either prepared for the volunteers and served in communal dining areas, or volunteers prepare their own food during their stay.