Teachers aid programme

Experiential Groups

About the programme       

This programme is ideal for persons with a desire to experience South Africa fully from its culturally diverse populations to its amazing culinary treats and its rich history in sport and the arts. Each group themed programme will be tailor made with the group’s main interest in mind and will include exposure in local previously disadvantaged communities. Tours and travelling will also make up part of the programme but the main focus will be on a learning, culturally enriching experience, covering the specific theme at hand, eg: if a group is interested in arts, drama and crafts a visit to exhibitions, shows, plays and institutions will be part of the programme.

What can the group expect?

A well structured, professional service arranged by Ama Africa Experiences. Authentic South African experiences focused around the groups chosen theme (culinary, sports and recreation, culture and the arts) or any other theme that a group requires.  The programme will be tailor-made and organized around the group’s available timeframe, areas of interest and expected outcomes.

What are the benefits of the programme and what is included:

  • Safe and well organised themed group programme
  • Detailed pre-arrival material with a full itinerary
  • In-country airport meet and greet
  • Comprehensive arrival orientation and educational excursions in and around Cape Town
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week in-country support
  • Well arranged travel and sightseeing opportunities
  • Opportunity to experience different sports, cultural activities, culinary and different themed areas of interest
  • Culturally enriching learning experience focused on experiencing various cultures in South Africa in a truly uniquely and authentic way.

What other information is useful:

This programme is tailor-made for groups with a common interest or focus area.  The programme incorporates various aspects which include, cultural tourism, a journey of learning, life orientation in a diverse environment and socio-economic development at a local level.  The themed group programme is unique in the sense that it is developed around the groups’ needs and matched with an authentic, culturally enriching experience.  The themed group experience will afford individuals an opportunity to gain incredible insight into the real and authentic South African lifestyle within the context of their specific interest.

What can the group expect in terms of accommodation and food?

Ama Africa Experiences will take care of all land arrangements including in-country accommodation, meals, transport, facilitation, and other logistics. Depending on the group, accommodation will be arranged according to the specific requirements of the group.  Various accommodation options are however available, including youth hostels, student accommodation, lodges, guesthouses, hotels, and local host families.

Please email alex@amaafrica.com for an example of a RARE Themed itinerary