Our Team

Alex Greenlees has always had a real passion for travelling and for helping young people realise their dreams. During her studies at the University of Stellenbosch, she completing a 3 year Bachelor of Arts degree and then furthered her studies by obtaining honours in English and Media studies. After studying she left South Africa to pursue her dream of travelling, experiencing other facets of life and different cultures and spent two years living and working in the UK and visiting parts of Europe including Austria, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Holland and Belgium. After the UK, she backpacked through South East Asia (including Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia) and then spent a further year backpacking and living in Australia and New Zealand.

Returning to South Africa in 2000 Alex was employed at SASTS (The South African Student Travel Services), a Not for Profit Organisation helping young people realise their travel dreams, and began as a marketing assistant. She was then promoted to manage the Summer Camps Department and after two years at SASTS, she took over as the Marketing Manager and set up the Volunteer South Africa programme, spending much of her time developing a sustainable and enriching experience for travelers from abroad. During her tenure she actively helped more than 40 local community projects with International volunteer support. Alex then took over as the Managing Director of SASTS for three years and during that time ran all the aspects of the Organisation.

Alex is a proudly South African member and having traveled to many destinations abroad,believes that her home Country is still the most beautiful place in the world and wants to share this knowledge. She believes in sustainability and helping young people and as a social entrepreneur is poised to make a difference in the lives of local communities as well as foreigners coming to volunteer in South Africa.


Vanessa has enjoyed being a tourist in her own country for many years and tries to see one new place annually, it has always amazed her to discover how beautiful this land of South Africa actually is.

She has always been surrounded by young people of different ages and backgrounds. The most rewarding part for her is to see them grow in life. She has worked at a catholic institution for over six years where she worked with children with mental disabilities, were orphaned or had been abused and during her tenure there she supported the children through trials and tribulations. She has also tutoring and helped children to read from local communities.

Vanessa has also spent 15 years taking care of two young girls which where 5 and 9 years old and watched them grow up into caring, young successful woman before moving on to become the volunteer house manager for Ama Africa Experiences.