Suggested packing list

Always try and pack as lightly as possible as weight is limited. Ideally you should not have more than 20kg of luggage and should be able to fit everything into a backpack plus one small day pack. Specific regulations apply with regards to packing fluids in hand language, so please acquaint yourself with regard to specific airline and customs regulations, prior to packing.


Copies of essential documents
Money (credit card, debit card and or cash) & flight ticket
Personal medication – including prescription drug/inhalers etc.
Travel insurance
Casual clothes for the weekends
Clothes for field work, including shorts (not too short)
Comfortable walking shoes and outdoor heavy duty boots for wildlife projects
Flip flops / sandals
Light waterproof jacket
Lightweight fleece or jumper
Long trousers (light cotton)
Outdoor loose fitting cotton clothing with full arm and leg cover for cooler evenings
Swimwear & cover up
Warm light clothes for winter and early mornings
Useful  (These items can often be obtained in South Africa)
Anti-malarial tablets (if you plan to travel to malaria areas)
Camera and case
Daypack / rucksack
Diary & pen
Hand sanitizer and wet wipes
Insect repellent
Mobile phone (local sim cards are purchased for you)
Travel First Aid Kit – including painkillers, plasters, lip balm, ear plugs,
Reading book/Kindle
Sleeping bag & pillow
Small torch (head torch works well)
Sun cream (a range of factors)
Sun hat & Sunglasses
Toiletries (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deo, personal hygiene products for women etc)