Photo competition

Photo Competition

Ama Africa Experiences would love to be a part of your experience, so please don’t forget to take your camera or phone along and get that amazing picture that speaks a thousand words.  Click away at your project, while you are sightseeing or time travelling or simply hanging out with fellow travelers and host families (Please don’t forget to ask permission first). Here is the perfect opportunity to enter your pictures and win!

All photos should fall into one of the following categories:

  • At your Project: What you do on a daily basis, pictures of you volunteering, fun pictures, exciting pictures etc.
  • With your friends: Submit pictures of your friends at your accommodation, whilst on tour, evenings out, meals, activities etc.
  • Local areas: Take pictures of the local cuisine, people, and landscapes of the South African lifestyles.
  • Travelling: Any pictures whilst on tours, doing exciting outdoor pursuits, sunsets etc.


The winning photos will be published in print materials and used online and you will be able to make a difference to either the project that you volunteered at, as we will make a donation on your behalf to your chosen project from the Ma Africa Foundation.


How to enter

Email your photos to and like us on Facebook and upload your pictures directly to our wall.

Entry requirements 

All photos must be in full colour and high resolution, and taken by yourself whilst on an Ama Africa Experiences programmesin South Africa. You need to name your pictures and include a brief description, name of location, date and project.

Video uploads

We would also love to see your video’s, so please forward any fun, exciting ones, no bigger than  30mb. We accept most formats including mov, avi, mp4, mpa, mpe, mpg, mpeg etc. Please make sure that you only use footage that you have the copyright permission for (no music or videos that you don’t have permission to include) If selected we may use your video on our website or on our YouTube upload. Click here to send.

Ama Africa Photo Competition rules – All photos entered in this competition can be used by Ama Africa Experiences at their own discretion.  Entrants submit photos freely and for no payment.