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There will be plenty of opportunities over weekends, public holidays and project breaks to do some sightseeing and travelling.  Exploring the local sights and sounds will enhance your experience in South Africa. We will gladly assist you with information on optional travel activities. Click here for a few examples of Tours we offer.

No, as long as you are fluent in English, you will be fine. Please be aware that most local communities will only speak Afrikaans and we will furnish you with a few of the basic phrases and words which will help you to integrate into the South African culture and life styles during the orientation period.

None to South Africa, however if you are planning on travelling into Northern Africa then generally a Yellow Fever vaccination is required. It is always advisable to obtain Malaria prophylactic when travelling into a Malaria infected area (not required in Cape Town).

Yes, you will receive a certificate once you have successfully completed your volunteer placement.

Your sending partner will be able to advise you on entry requirements to South Africa.  Some countries are exempt from visa requirements if the stay is for 90 days or shorter.

Once you have made up your mind about when you would like to travel and what programme you would like to participate in, you should then try and apply as soon as possible. By applying early you will have much more flexibility as some projects only run during certain times of the year. Once you have signed up your International partner will send you information and we will be in contact with you regarding anything extra that you may require.

No, travel insurance is not included in our fees, as generally applicants can acquire it cheaper by themselves in their country. Travel insurance is COMPULSORY to applicants applying to the Ama Africa Experiences programmes. This is in line with the safe & responsible travel.  Please make sure that you have adequate travel insurance, for the full duration of your stay and travelling time.

These vary from programme to programme. If you are volunteering you may be accommodated in a volunteer house, whereas if you are on our group programme you may be in hotels, or if you are on our High School programme you may be living with a host family. All of this information will be sent to you once you have applied for the programme.

We try our best to accommodate volunteers in communities where there are other volunteers placed as well.  This can however not be guaranteed as it is subject to availability, selection of placement and time of the year of placement.  On some of our programme such as our SHARE Professional or High School programme you may be placed alone with a host family.

The majority of applicants come from countries such as the Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, other parts of Europe and the United States and Mexico

As a general rule, no, but it is preferred that participants on our Care and Share programmes have a high school certificate or equivalent qualification. English proficiency is however required and it is also very important that participants have an open mind, are flexible, and have a passion to help people and are willing to make a positive difference in the lives of South Africans.

Yes, for our High School Exchange programme this is allowed as the programme is structured for young people between the ages of 16-18.  For any other programmes, the programme requirement is a minimum of 18 years old and any individuals younger than 16 would need to be accompanied by an adult family member or guardian appointed by your parents.  Please let us know when you are applying which family member/groups they will be travelling with. Please click on SHARE Programmes for more information.

Yes you can.  We try our best to accommodate specific requests such as placing people together.   This however is dependent on the project selection of the individuals and factors such as availability of accommodation at the time.  It is important to clearly state preferences and requests such as these at the time of application.

Yes. We accept groups and arrange special interest projects. You can find out more about our RARE programmes by clicking here.

Click here to book online now.

The life lessons that you will receive in South Africa are priceless and life enriching.  Additional advantages include development of life skills, personal growth, increased self confidence and social awareness. Often employers look favourably on those that are willing to give up their time to assist others in the world. Travel experiences such as these are all about giving through the donation of your skills and your time and while you may have a huge positive effect on the people you will be helping in a local community, you will very rarely walk away from an experience like this without receiving more than you have given.

Yes, Ama Africa Experiences has set up a Non Profit Foundation namely MA Africa that accepts funds and donations which will be dispersed to our many very needy causes in South Africa. Click on the link below to find out more about our Foundation.

This question does come up and has been asked in the past.  “Why should people pay to volunteer?” of course it’s a valid question to ask, as individuals take time out of their busy lives and fly half way around the world to help a local South African community. The reality of the situation is, that many local communities currently suffer from serious resource constraints and would simply not be able to afford the investment required to have an international volunteer support them at a project. Not only are volunteers invaluable in helping with staffing shortages and experience but they promote the culture of volunteering that is so lacking in most South African communities.  Programme fees are utilized to pay for expenses associated with your stay such as food, accommodation, airport collections, orientation and local staff to ensure your stay is a safe and a smooth one. We are funded almost entirely by volunteer & travel experience fees and have to charge for our assistance. In a perfect world, these costs would be funded by large companies or non Governmental organisations, but this is rarely the case and so basic fees are charged for on the ground necessities. The sending partner may charge some extra fees which have to cover costs such as marketing, pre-departure information and administration support. We try and keep our costs to a minimum as well as donate funds on your behalf to our local projects in need in South Africa.

Ama Africa Experiences provides safe, reliable, and well-organised experiences to foreigners from abroad. We put a lot of thought into making sure that participants have a fun, enjoyable and enriching time, whilst making a difference in the lives of local children, youth, adults and animals.

The directors of Ama Africa Experiences have themselves been involved in the development of local communities and their passion for travel and the positive impact it can have on people is amazing.  They have both been in the student, youth and volunteering arena for many years and have invaluable experience running successful programmes in the past. To read more about the Directors and their vision please turn to the About us Page.

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